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Meet our Executive Recruiters:

Susan Clevenger, Director of National Recruiting

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Testimonial: "Working with Susan has been a real pleasure! I was relocating from New Mexico to the Inland Northwest and try as I might I was unable to get a face-to-face interview with a local company. Plenty of interest, but I just wasn’t able to take the ball across the goal line. Susan was very patient with me and helped encourage me and provide the support I needed to get my confidence back up. Susan is well connected to the Spokane job scene and was able to find me an opportunity that not only fit my experience but also helped me every step of the way to ensure I presented my best self during the interviews. I am now in a company where I can best utilize my diverse skill set and feel right at home!

 Ernie H."




Jeff Toney, Senior Recruiter

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Hannah Iranon, Recruiter


Hannah Iranon, Recruiter

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Andrea Wagner


Andrea Wagner, Recruiter

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