Apr 30

April Employee of the Month- Jeremy Ridenhour Super Star gets HIRED!

Shout out to our April Employee of the Month, Jeremy Ridenhour! We had to get out to our client site fast to deliver to him, seein' as how he was just hired by them!!  
Here's what his supervisor Janet had to say:
I would like to nominate Jeremy Ridenhour for employee of the month.He was very instrumental in the success of assembling 1800 units of a product line in the time frame available. We had new employees, so not only did he have to get these built, he also had to train while keeping the assembly going. He did a fantastic job balancing the training and assembling of these units. Once those units were complete, he jumped over to another 2 more product lines and was a big part of those being assembled on time as well. His efforts and positive attitude made it possible for me to focus more on other product lines during this time frame.Thank you for your consideration of this request.
Thanks for making us look so good, Jeremy!!

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