Mar 13

Congratulations to Nick Webb our February Employee of the Month!


Our February Employee of the Month- Nick Webb-(I know his sign sez March…oops) We have to share how his delivery went down.  Sometimes we’re the ones that get blessed!

GET THIS!!! Rosa went to T*** to deliver the Employee of the Month Nick Webb his gifts. His Lead Kathy took Rosa too him and it was the perfect timing as they were all just heading into break. Nick had his head down and Rosa asked him how he is doing and he said “Not good, I’m tired of living out of my car”… Also it ends up his good friend just died and today is the anniversary of Nick’s sister’s death..she died in his arms. Rosa asked Nick if his co-workers were aware that he is homeless and he said only a few. She asked if she could share that when she gave her speech and he said yes. Sounds like the lead didn’t know either. So Rosa explained to the group how Humanix Employee of the Month program works and also that Nick though homeless, living out of his car, makes it to work no matter what shift, on time and never misses.The women were crying, including the lead. Ends up the client and with the help of others plan to help Nick financially to fix up an old camper/trailer that is behind Nick’s parent’s house, so that it is livable for him. He was so proud to receive the gift, especially the gift certificate. What a special story. NIck was given an Employee of the Month Certificate, a cookie with our logo that says Great Job NICK, donut holes to share with his co-workers and a $100.00 gift certificate to Fred Meyer. HUMANIX ROCKS!!!!!!

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