Feb 20

2013 Alfred P. Sloan Awards Now Open for Applications



Greater Spokane Incorporated, Humanix, and INSHRM are proud to serve as a 2013 Community Partner in the When Work Works program, a national initiative led by the partnership of Families and Work Institute (FWI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). When Work Works is one of the foremost providers of resources, research and best practices on workplace effectiveness and flexibility in the nation.

We are part of a group of 20 community partners in cities and states across the country that engage community leaders in workplace flexibility efforts and educate employers about workplace flexibility practices such as job sharing, flexible work schedules, career flexibility, part-time work and other workflex programs and policies.

The initiative administers the annual Sloan Awards for Excellence in Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility, a prestigious awards program that recognizes exemplary employers for using flexibility as an effective workplace strategy to increase business and employee success.

As a Community Partner in the Spokane area, we want to recognize local employers, non-profits and other organizations for their innovative workplace practices. Share the story of your organization’s success and take advantage of this opportunity toshowcase your organization’s flexible work environment and learn how your worksite stacks up against other employers.


Please visit www.whenworkworks.org  for more information and to apply. Applications are open  through March 15, 2013. Click here to watch a short video on application tips.

Recipients of the Sloan Awards will be recognized at a local event later this year and be included in the 2014 edition of the Guide to Bold New Ideas for Making Work Work.

For more information, contact:

Greater Spokane Incorporated                 Humanix                                              INSHRM

Keri Gardner                                                Nancy Nelson                                     Josh Seitz

321.3621                                                      467.0062                                              755.2987




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