Sep 07

Humanix Opens in Las Vegas!


Humanix has opened up an office in the “never sleeping city”, Las Vegas, Nevada. Nancy Nelson, President of Humanix stated, “We always knew that our clients valued our kick-ass customer service, creativity for bringing solutions to their staffing plan, relentless search for the best people for the job, top recruiters, and making it right when something didn’t go just right. After 26-years in business and partnering with over 1500 companies in the Inland Northwest, one client, Digital Lizard, gave us the greatest customer compliment. They asked us to follow them to Las Vegas to open up a branch because, they “couldn’t imagine working with another service.”
Wow! How many companies get to claim that as a client recommendation?
Humanix began recruiting for Digital Lizard’s positions in Las Vegas in late August. Four positions have been filled, and with their traditional fall season ramp-up, many more are coming. Once fully settled in their new territory, Humanix will expand marketing to target additional business, including administrative, financial, and executive level search. Dancia Wieners is at the helm in Las Vegas and brings 10 years of experience in the staffing industry.
Digital Lizard, one of the largest and most advanced digital print facilities in the United States, is also the fastest growing. Opening doors in Hayden, ID in 2006, they strategically opened up another facility in Las Vegas to expand territorial coverage to the southwest. Digital Lizard prides themselves in their creativity and ability to meet customer needs. Humanix highly endorses them as an Employer of Choice.
Since 1986 Humanix has been connecting businesses to people who bring the valuable talents, skills and advanced know-how to make sure any level job - temporary or permanent - gets done right. Humanix has placed over 79,000 (and four!) employees through their Spokane, Coeur d'Alene and Nevada offices during these twenty-six years. Proof that Humanix is- “The Best People for the Job!”

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